About Us

How it all started.

BlackDog was set up by two friends who have had a colorful and varied career journey.

We have always had a passion for learning and at the heart of this, leadership and team development have featured heavily in countless discussions we have had over many years until we decided to combine the wealth of our knowledge and start BlackDog to impart this knowledge for the benefit of others.

What make us tick?

Bill’s passion is for true leadership – The unlocking and development of individual and team character. Bill is a qualified teacher of further education and spent 12 years in the British Army in a variety of challenging roles around the world. Bill’s experience provided the insight to develop and deliver the Army’s flagship Command, Leadership and Management programme. “My vision is that leadership and teamwork are not just words but the true driving force which enable individuals and teams to achieve things far beyond their expectations.”

Philip has worked across a wide range of industry sectors for over 20 years, helping individuals and teams to develop and achieve their maximum potential. Philip has extensive experience of leading high achieving teams from small technical teams to large multiple teams in complex corporate environments. “In order to fulfil their potential, people need to feel ownership of what they are doing and that their work is valued. Leadership is about providing the environment where these emotions can be realised ”